Ogee and Cyma Ramps
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Ogee and Cyma Ramps  


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02/10/2019 3:20 pm  

2 more bezier nodes for ogee and cyma ramps: 

OgeeRamp creates a vertical bezier ramp
CymaRamp creates a horizontal bezier ramp

  • height and width set the start and end points of the ramp (values can be negative)
  • segs sets the number of segments of the ramp
  • tension (0-1.25) sets the slope of the transition. 
    .0 adds no tension to the bezier curve
    .5 makes a perpendicular transition
    1+ over-drives the curve to create a "hump"
  • transition (0-1) moves the bezier's "mid-point" towards the start/end of the ramp
    transition vertically on OgeeRamp
    transition horizontally on CymaRamp
  • tension and transition are clamped so the "hump" cannot exceed the height or width of the ramp
  • shift_origin moves the shape's X-Trans to the end of the ramp