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Handle Too Big  


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14/01/2019 5:46 pm  

The handles are growing with the zoom. Making it difficult to work.

Seems to occur when I increase "Scale" parameter in an Extrude Nodes. However I NEED to do this to make these small 2D shapes ultimately extrude into LARGE 3D objects.


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14/01/2019 10:29 pm  

I had a lot of unexpected issues with scaling, to where I try to avoid it.

Can you not adjust set the parameters on the 2D node(s) higher?

You can also drill down to the runtime handles in the hierarchy, and edit the scale on the transform component:


If you need to find the actual handle in the prefabs it's called SliderKnob in the Archimatix folder.

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16/01/2019 4:53 pm  

Thanks for the quick ideas!

The "Scale" parameter on the original shape was the first place I looked. But it refused to accept a number larger than 5. Really that is what I NEED. I want to work with pretty big archimatix objects. And expanding the parameter to change the "min -1000, max -1000" sub parameters does nothing...



**This morning I'm feeding the shape through more shape offsetters, and increasing its scale again haha

*** OK now i'm noticing I can move the individual dimensions as much as I want. (e.g. X and Y). Just not scale itself. Unfortunate, but workable.


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